Creating Fun & Adventure For Cats & Their People!

At, I want to make cats happy because they make us happy. Cats and humans are better when they are together!

A Little About Me…

Hi & Welcome To My Website,!

I’m Jessica Fish and I created this website, well, because I love cats…obviously! I wanted to have something fun, but also have helpful information and a bit of knowledge on the blog site so everyone can get a bit of their love for cats, whether it’s just looking at the PURRfect cat pictures and images, reading a PAWerful article, admiring cat art and much more, I think I have a little something for everyone that’s a cat enthusiast, cat owner, and cat lover! 

I also have 2 other blogs, and, and another website,, which is an ecommerce website with tons of information on earning, learning, advertising, shopping and more! 

I keep pretty busy! 😉

 Happy Purring!