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At CATBLOGS, I want to make cats happy because they make us happy. Cats and humans are better when they are together… 

About Me


Hi I’m Jessica ~ is a guide and a knowledge blog site developed for cat enthusiasts, cat owners, and felinophiles. is an information repository that provides PAWerful insights and PURRfect stories about our furry feline friends. Housecats serve as great pets and a lot of people opt for cats. People always tend to come up with solutions that are observable or predictable about cat problems dealing with behavior, growth, living, etc. People who wish to own a cat need reliable information sources, cat stories that touch them, and a pinch of fun. This site offers knowledge, stories, and insights on topics of cat behavior, cat facts, cat breeds information, cat lifestyle, inspiring stories, and a page called “feline funny”, where we have cute and funny jokes, stories, and quizzes related to cats.

The Cat Facts page is a webpage of all the verified information on cats and is a factbook based on data on cats. Cat Behavior page hosts information on accounts and stories on cat behavior. New cat owners can refer to this page for insights, red flags, and notes on how to treat cats and how they behave in certain situations and how they react to different stimuli. The Cat Breeds page is whole page dedicated to knowledge on different types of cat breeds, types and feline families. Cat Lifestyle page hosts content about how cats live with their owners with inputs from various sources. Now the Inspiring stories page is where we have real stories of cat owners and their experiences, which people connect with. Original Inspurrational stories about our paw friends are all we got. The Feline funny section is the highlight of our website where we have entertaining quizzes, funny experiences, and much more.

 Happy Purring!