Does Your Cat Find the Litter Box As Offensive As You Do?

Apart from the cat’s natural desire to move away from the offensive odor of its litterbox, you may be responsible for many litterbox problems your pet cat is having. A cat’s sense of smell is far more sensitive than your nose.

So don’t wait to clean the litterbox until the smell offends you. Clean the litterbox before your cat starts avoiding it and looking for somewhere else to do his eliminations.  Cats are sensitive to changes in the type of litter you’re using.

If he’s used one brand and type of litter since he was a kitten and you suddenly switch to a new brand with a completely different make-up, he may avoid going into the litterbox completely until his old type of litter is back.

There are other reasons why a cat may avoid going into a litterbox.  If your cat has an accident in the house and you immediately toss him into the litterbox while shouting, all you do it create an aversion for it.   Using the litterbox as punishment just makes your cat want to go anywhere else to do his business.

Placing the litterbox right out in the middle of the room makes your cat feel over-exposed.  Cats like a little privacy when doing their business.  Another mistake is putting the litterbox on a porch or near a window.

Other cats and animals outdoors looking inside can distract or intimidate your cat. Re-locate the litterbox around a corner or inside the pantry and see if your cat finds it more comfortable.

Some cats are selective about where they do certain things. Your cat may refuse to urinate and defecate in the same place. If you find one and not the other located somewhere besides the litterbox, that’s your cue to buy a second one. It may seem odd that a cat wants separate potty locations, but as long as you don’t have to clean it up from the carpet, who cares?

When there’s more than one cat in the house, they can become quite territorial about the litterbox. The larger cat may be pushing the smaller or newer cat away from his litterbox. Again, get a second box and don’t argue about it.

Just as toddlers need a potty seat and steps to use an adult potty, don’t expect a kitten to climb into a larger litter box. He may be frustrated by the larger litterbox and the larger cat who uses it. Get a litterbox that matches the size of your cat.